Bull Bars

Bull bars help protect your vehicle and provide essential 4x4 accessory mounting points, while complementing the overall look of the vehicle.

Mount 4x4 accessories, protect your vehicle and enhance the overall look of your vehicle with a bull bar. Browse our wide range of bull bars in Perth.

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4WD Bull Bars

When it comes to 4-wheel drive accessories, bull bars come right on the top of the list. They protect you from collisions, complement the overall design of your 4×4 and provide a strong base for mounting additional accessories that you might be in need for – like driving lights.

Some state-of-the-art bull bars will even provide additional features such as fog lights and compatibility with the latest modern vehicle safety features.

With so many brands and types of bull bars out there, it can become a challenging task to pick the right one for your 4WD. Total 4×4 only selects and supplies products it deems reliable, safe and durable enough for Australia’s harsh conditions. Because looks and weight sometimes matter, our selection of bull models are made with various material and finishes from steel to alloy and polyethylene. Our large selection of bull bars is picked from top notch brands like ARB, ECB, Outback, SmartBar, TJM, and XROX and covers a wide spectrum of needs you might have and vehicle makes.

Whether you are after a traditional option or something more innovative, we can supply a model that is fit for you.

With us, you can count on high-quality and advanced products as well as a professional fitting service in Perth. To top it up, we provide experts’ advice regarding 4wd accessories and vehicle compatibility.

If you have a question about our bull bar or services, fill in the form and get in touch with us.

What are bull bars used for?

There are many reasons why most 4WD owners would recommend a bull bar. However, it is a debate which often divides people into two camps: there are those who see it as a form of protection against the unforgiving outback when off-roading and those who see it as an urban nuisance on the road.

Here’s why you might need a bull bar before your next 4×4 adventure.

  • Protection from animal collisions
  • General protection
  • Install convenient recovery points
  • Mount all your 4WD accessories
  • Improve your approach angle

For more information on why you might need a bull bar, check out 7 Reasons Why Bull Bars Are Essential.

Find out more about regulations on nudge bars and bull bars.

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