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A SpartanBar is the original SmartBar. The SpartanBar is our original polymer-based bull bar and the first of its kind, made right here in Australia.

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The new StealthBar bull bar provides unparalleled vehicle protection and a tough aesthetic, at approximately 30% less weight than a SmartBar SpartanBar. They are designed using the same cutting edge polyethylene material and manufacturing process.

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SpartanBar / SmartBar

The SpartanBar is the original SmartBar – bull bars are 100% Australian made.
Roto moulded from polyethylene, SpartanBar offers unique benefits.

  • Light weight
    (average fitted weight to 4wd’s is approx 30 kgs), means less wear and tear on suspension and tyres.
  • Pedestrian and Occupant Safety
    SpartanBar / SmartBar offers outstanding performance and safety levels to both occupants and pedestrians, currently not available from any other manufacturer in the World.
    Tests by the Center of Automotive and Safety Research (CASR) for HIC (Head Impact Criteria) which measures the head trauma and accident survival probability at certain speeds, confirm that SmartBar outperforms all other frontal vehicle protection systems available.
  • High Impact Safety
    The unique ability to effectively absorb impacts and return to its original shape means not only a big reduction in crash damage but also a long service life while eliminating the downtime and expense of replacing damaged metal bars. Less damage to panels in high-speed, high energy impacts, such as animal strikes, means the risk of engine immobilisation is minimal, thus reducing the risk of being stranded in remote locations.
  • Savings
    The VFPS (vehicle frontal protection system) should be designed to deflect the animal and cause as little damage to the vehicles essential components (radiator etc.) so the vehicle remains mobile. Immobilisation can be of great concern as most regional and remote roads have very little mobile telephone coverage. Ensuring vehicles remain mobile is a determining factor for all emergency services. SmartBar currently supplies the Ambulance, Police and Fire services across Australia for this very reason.
  • SpartanBars / SmartBar and Airbags
    SmartBar’s VFPS’s are designed and tested using computer simulations, physical static and dynamic testing at a third party testing facility to confirm, among other things, that they are airbag compatible.  These tests have confirmed that they do not compromise airbag deployment in anyway.

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