MAX Bull Bars

The MAX Alloy Bull Bar range made from lightweight, heated 5052 grade alloy provides superior frontal protection without the weight of a steel bull bar.

Alloy Bull Bar

With impressive design features including added strengthening, triple stone tray, and winch compatibility, these quality alloy bull bars are designed in Australia and have been independently tested and certified to ensure they meet all Australian standards. 

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Innovative Features

  • Mounting points for fog and driving lights
  • Twin rated tow points (4000kg ea)
  • Triple stone tray
  • Winch compatible
  • Made from heated 5052 grade alloy
  • Twin gusseted aerial mounts
  • Superior strength

Gen II

This new bar has all the strength and versatility of a MAX product, along with a host of new design features including a new modern beveled style, twin rated tow points (4,000kg ea), and superior strength. Max Bull Bars have been specifically designed to withstand the tough Australian environment, making it one of the toughest bull bars in Perth. 

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Innovative Features

  • Airbag tested and compliant
  • Winch compatible
  • Twin gusseted aerial mounts
  • Twin reinforced hi-lift jack points
  • Mounting points for fog - driving and spotlights
  • Increased air flow
  • Triple stone tray
  • Powder coated finish

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MAX Bull Bars are made from heat treated 5052 grade alloy.


All MAX Bull Bars are designed, engineered, and tested in Australia to withstand the tough Australian environment.


MAXimum protection! Fully independently tested and certified in Australia to meet Australian standards.
MAXimum strength! Bars are made from 3mm steel with fully reinforced winch and recovery points.
MAXimum quality! Designed by 4WD specialists and built by manufacturers with over 30 years experience.
MAXimum range! Individually designed to fit each model.
MAXimum style! The design of each bar will enhance the look of your 4×4. If you want tough? You want MAX!
MAXimum versatility! MAX bars have plenty of tabs to allow the mounting of lights, winches, aerials

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