4WD suspension upgrades can greatly enhance handling, driving comfortability, and improve load carrying capacity. View our range of 4x4 suspensions and lift kits in Perth.

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4×4 Suspensions and Lift Kits in Perth

Suspensions are an essential feature of your 4WD. If your SUV has been manufactured to make your driving on road more comfortable in mind, chances are off-road driving will be challenging for its suspension.

The extra weight your cargo and additional 4WD accessories will add on and the very different driving condition will take a load on the performance of your suspension.

A 4-wheel drive suspension upgrade will greatly affect your experience on and off-road and the way you plan your trips.

By allowing you to cope with heavier load and pressure, they can increase your 4wd towing and load carrying capacity which will give you more options to pick from if you are considering towing a caravan or canopy.

They improve your comfort across uneven all types of terrains and enhance your vehicle handling.

To sum it up, better-performing suspensions means you can push your current boundaries and go further than before off the beaten track.

We stock 4×4 suspension kits from leading manufacturers like RidePro Suspension, Superspring and West Coast Suspensions, that are easy to install. Our skilled team at the workshop can quickly install your 4×4 suspensions in Perth if you prefer letting someone else handle it professionally.

If you aren’t sure about the 4wd suspensions you need, give us a call or contact us via email. We are a skilled and knowledgeable team whose specialty is 4wd accessories, we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Commonly asked questions about suspensions

How does a car suspension work?

Your vehicle’s suspension plays a crucial role in keeping the wheels connected to the road and giving you a safer, more comfortable drive.

Car suspension improves the overall smoothness of driving by increasing handling, enabling better grip and braking, and absorbing impact over rough surfaces.

It is a necessary component that keeps your vehicle stable and prevents it from wanting to roll.

How do lift kits work?

4×4 lift kits lift your suspension and help you get the height you need to tackle muddy rutted trails, beach tracks and water crossings, through to constructions. Various types of lift kits can provide anywhere from 2 inches all the way to 5 inches of lift. That’s heights of 40mm, 80mm, 100mm and 125mm.

Note: The height at which you can lift your vehicle varies from state to state, and is usually linked together with the size of your tyres. The legal road height you can lift your vehicle in Western Australia is 50mm from larger tyres and a 25mm suspension lift without any form of engineering.

What causes car suspension problems?

Generally speaking, coil springs, shock absorbers and struts are designed to withstand rough road conditions, however, this may not necessarily protect you from an unsuspecting pothole.

Large potholes or sudden changes in road height, such as driving up a curb, can cause coil springs to bend or break.

Fluid leaks caused by broken strut seals result in more strain being placed on the coil springs, eventually damaging them to the point of breaking.

In addition, with a decrease in hydraulic pressure, springs may come into contact with other suspension parts, including brake lines and exhaust components, causing further damage.

A more common issue experienced by most motorists is a wheel imbalance caused by misalignment or damaged tyres. If you’ve hit a curb while turning or your tyres have uneven wear, this can put unnecessary stress on your suspension, resulting in uneven wear on suspension components.

This can lead to damage or breakage of springs, shocks and struts. Ignoring the signs and driving with damaged suspension is highly dangerous, if multiple springs were to break, this could seriously damage steering systems and axles.

How does 4×4 suspension work?

Similarly to your on-road car, 4×4 suspension is an essential component that contributes to how well your 4WD handles, how capable it is on and off-road, and how comfortable the drive is.

The main difference with 4×4 suspension is that it has been designed to greatly increase handling while driving off-road. It absorbs impact while dampening the vibrations felt inside after hitting a bump or driving on a rough surface. It also helps with stability by making sure all wheels stay in contact with the ground and reducing the chances of rolling.

Read our guide on 4wd suspension types.

How long does 4×4 suspension last?

It all depends on the driving you’re doing. If you’re a weekend warrior tackling some of Perth’s craziest off-road tracks every weekend or travel to remote areas on long family road trips, your suspension will wear out much faster.

That being said, you should always have your suspension checked regularly, particularly if you frequent off-road tracks.

What is air suspension?

Also known as airbag suspension, is a height-adjustable suspension designed for optimum on-road and off-road driving. With automatic height and levelling control, achieving a high ground clearance is no problem at all, with the touch of a button, you can ensure your ride is always comfortable.

How does air suspension work?

The airbag suspension system is exactly what the name suggests. Like a balloon, the concept has been designed to resist the weight of the vehicle frame, while pumping air in to keep the 4WD from sagging. This is especially handy when you’ve just loaded all the camping gear or site materials.

Elevate your off-roading experience to all new heights with Total 4×4

The great Australian outback can be a harsh and unforgiving environment. Without the right suspension, you’re going to find it almost impossible to tackle some of the best off-road tracks WA has to offer.

When it comes to tailoring a lift kit best suited to our client’s needs, we take into account whether or not the vehicle has been fitted with a bull bar, the rear load requirements — be it light medium or heavy.

Rear load rating can vary dramatically, depending on what luggage, material or recovery gear is intended to be carried in the cargo area.

If you’ve got a drawer system, long-range fuel tank, twin wheel carrier or even a steel rear step type bumper is fitted, we ensure you receive a kit that suits your needs while adhering to WA standards and regulations.

If you’re in doubt, contact the professionals at Total 4×4, we more than are happy to inspect your 4WD, provide expert advice and supply/install high quality 4×4 accessories.

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