No camping trip is complete without a shelter. For warm and convenient shelter the family will enjoy, browse our range of 4WD & retractable awnings in Perth.

4WD Awnings

4WD Awnings are arguably one of the best value accessories you can get for your four wheel drive. They add so much functionality to your car, it’s sure to be a winner with your friends & family! 4WD awnings are great for day tripping away from your camp.

Total 4×4 has the solution for you, choose from Dome, Batwing or the ever popular Sunseeker style awnings and savour the great outdoors with the added benefit of UV50+ rating on your portable shade

Perfect for a quick day trip away from camp or instant shade on the beach, these self-standing retractable awnings fit onto the side of most roof racks and roof bars, and are conveniently stored for immediate use on arrival.

Awnings Batwing

Packed with style and function, ropes, pegs and poles are packed and stored away neatly, making the 4WD Batwing Awning one of the most popular choices of 4×4 awnings in Australia. Mounted on the roof of your vehicle, the Batwing roof rack awning  allows you to set up camp in any location at a moments notice, making it a super convenient 4×4 awning for camping. 

Eezi Awn

Turn your 4×4 roof top awning into the ultimate campsite shelter. 4WD Eezi awn 4×4 awnings unique design helps you turn your vehicle roof into a bedroom-camping experience. Equipped with a wide range of features, this outdoor awning comes with windows, durable canvas material, anti-mosquito barriers, and more, keeping you comfortable wherever you set up camp. 


Looking for a pull out awning for your 4WD? Perfect for camping, picnics, or lazy days at the beach, the Sunseeker Awning is a retractable awning for 4×4’s that can be set up or packed away within minutes.

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