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It can be really tough out there. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our RoxShocks 4 wheel drive shock absorbers are ready to meet any challenge. Designed and developed in Australia for local conditions, RoxShocks are put through extremely rigorous function, performance, quality and durability tests. In competition, RoxShocks have tackled some of the most feared and rugged 4 wheel drive courses in the country and overseas and have come through with flying colours. In laboratories, they are put through a number of brutal, independent bench tests to prove their virtual indestructibility. The result? Conclusive proof that RoxShocks 4WD shock absorbers can take a massive pounding on or off the road, and still bounce back for more. It’s called ‘topping out’. When off-road driving is under extreme articulation shock absorbers can ‘top out’ at full extension. Metal to metal contact occurs between the top of the piston and the piston rod guide. This can lead to noisy operation and premature failure. It’s a serious problem for most shocks, but not for RoxShocks.

We’ve created a unique hydraulic locking system where oil flows through holes in the piston rod. This allows oil flow into the rebound valve to control the damping forces. When the shocker gets near its full extension, the valves are closed off, leaving a small amount of oil between the piston and the rod guide, preventing metal to metal contact. This system also has no nylon parts that can melt under the extremes of 4 wheel-driving.


Ridepro® steel coil springs are of the highest quality and are superbly engineered and designed to fit your 4WD, perfectly. Manufactured on precision mandrels, shot peened, scragged and load tested, Ridepro® Coil Springs can handle virtually anything that mother nature can dish up. Depending on your vehicles suspension system, Ridepro® have linear rate or progressive rate coils with a high quality powder coat finish.


The harsher the conditions, the better. Ridepro® Leaf Springs absolutely revel in the Australian climate. Heat treated, shot peened, scragged and load tested for durability and long life, they’re designed for premium off road performance. For effective load distribution, Ridepro® Leaf Springs have draw tapered and diamond cut leaves. And depending on the application, there are leaf springs with military wraps and interleaf liners.


Call it special treatment. To enhance the ride quality and performance of the suspension kits, Ridepro® uses only premium grade polyurethane bushes with a unique formula. It provides superior resistance to abrasion, minimum compression set, high shear and tear strength and maximum resistance to oils and solvents. To further improve lubrication, distribution, and retention, Ridepro® Leaf Spring Eye Bushes also feature lateral grooves for tolerance in the eye diameter, with spiral grooves in the inner bore and tangential grooves on the flange head.

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