Bull Bars, Roo Bars (ShuRoo) and Nudge Bars Regulations & Guidelines in WA

Whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or you’ve just picked up your new rig, Total 4×4 is here to help make sure your vehicle is safe and road legal.

The last thing you’d want to happen is if you’ve just decked out your rig with brand new modifications only for the police to give you a yellow sticker.

Below is a quick checklist to make sure your vehicle complies with WA state laws and regulations.

General Profile — All vehicle models

  • FPS must follow the shape, in plan, front and side view, of the front of the vehicle
  • The FPS does not lean forward
  • The top of the FPS does not protrude above the front of the bonnet line, where practicable

General Profile — All new vehicle models from 1 July 2019

  • The upper structure of the FPS is raked back a minimum of 5 degrees from vertical
  • No part of the FPS is more than 75mm above the leading edge of the bonnet when measured at the centre of line of the vehicle 
  • The side profile of the FPS uprights does not have a forward attitude below the initial contact point

Projections and Sharp Edges

  • All brackets or other rigid components are fitted rearward of the front face and below the top of the FPS
  • Any device attached to the FPS that protrudes above the top of the FPS does not have exposed sharp edges
  • All forward facing edges are chamfered and free of burns or sharp edges
  • All forward facing edges have radius no less than 5mm
  • The FPS is free of open ended frame members
  • No dangerous projections have been exposed by the removal of the OEM bumper bar (if applicable)

Obscured lights

  • All the vehicle lights are unobscured by the FPS or additional ADR compliant lights are fitted

Number plates

  • The number plate and any mounting hardware is free from sharp edges
  • The number plate mounting position meets all visibility requirements

Field of View

  • A driver in the rearmost driving position has an unobstructed view of the road at all pints beyond 11 metres in front of them


  • The FPS is correctly labelled

If you’re in doubt, you can always contact the professionals at Total 4×4, who are happy to inspect your 4WD, provide expert advice and supply/install high quality 4×4 accessories.

Do you need a ShuRoo or a Bull bar? Find out what’s best for you.

Fishing rod holders and bull bars

Are fishing rod holders illegal in WA?

Fishing rod holders are permitted as long as they do not protrude forward of the front face or above the bar of the frontal protection system, and do not become dangerous projections.

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