Safari Snorkels


Safari Snorkels

Pioneered in Australia since the early 1980s, Safari Snorkels has been awarded twice as the best aftermarket product of the year by 4×4 Australia Magazine.

The Safari range of recreational 4×4 and commercial 4×4 products represents the best in innovative automotive engineering where each product release is the result of a comprehensive research and development program designed to produce a totally engineered and thoroughly tested package.

For decades Safari 4×4 Engineering has designed and manufactured automotive snorkels and 4WD performance systems made to enhance the performance, durability and driveability of 4×4 vehicles.

Safari pioneered the automotive snorkels found on classic Ford, GM Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Volkswagen 4×4’s.

Safari’s signature lies in the quality and durability of its components, the attention to detail in every system and the absolute standard that “product performance must always be reliably achieved”.


Why Choose a Safari Snorkel

Extremely Durable – Safari Snorkels for 4×4 vehicles are manufactured with a premium quality polyethylene body that is combined with a high-grade stainless steel plated hardware system for corrosion resistance on all internal and external fittings and fixtures. A specially compounded material is used to achieve a UV rating of 20 allowing you survive the harshest environments in Australia for up to 20 plus years.

Superior Build – Through an intricate design process and utilising computer modeling software CAD, Safari 4WD snorkels have been engineered to seamlessly integrate with all car makes and models. What truly sets the Safari Snorkel apart from other 4×4 snorkel brands, is the highly effective water separator system in built right into the Air Ram.

The Safari’s Air Ram system has been stringently tested to simultaneously remove the maximum amount of water from incoming air steam, while delivering the maximum airflow to your vehicles engine. This ensures the safety of your engine even through the most torrential tropical storms and floods that are experienced throughout Australia.

Enjoy Peace of Mind – Is your off road snorkel facing the wrong way? A major benefit that is unique to a Safari 4×4 Snorkel Kit is the ability to rotate the Air Ram to any position. By rotating the Air Ram to face away from prevailing wind/direction of motion, additional protection is added from the choking effects one may receive from snow build-up, dust, or water inside the air take. This makes the Safari Snorkel an excellent choice for those who are travelling to cold or high altitude conditions.

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