4x4 air intake snorkel kits help your vehicle take in cleaner, cooler air for increased performance & efficiency. Browse our 4WD snorkel kits from leading brands including TJM, Safari, and Airflow.

Why Purchase A Snorkel for recreational 4w driving?

Whether you on-road or off-road, the elevated position of a snorkel allows your vehicle to take in cleaner and cooler air that’s contaminant free. By moving the air intake from beneath your bonnet and making it roof height, you can protect your vehicle from water, dirt and dust that is kicked up from below. This means you’ll have the freedom to do what you’ve always wanted whether it is tackling river crossings, bush 4WD tracks, or beach 4×4 tracks.

By installing a 4×4 air intake Snorkel Kit you not only gain increased engine performance and efficiency, but you also prevent harmful dust and water from entering your engine, improve fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do.

We stock a wide range of 4WD Snorkel Kits including TJM Airtec Snorkels, Airflow Snorkels and Safari Snorkels.

Browse our range now or speak to one of our friendly staff members for 4×4 snorkel prices, or for any advice on air intake snorkel kits, Safari snorkel parts, snorkel socks 4×4, or snorkels for 4×4 vehicles.

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