EVC Throttle Controller by Ultimate 9 (iDrive)


Laggy internet? Frustrating. Laggy throttle response while towing a caravan? Unpredictably dangerous. Are you planting your foot down only to feel a large burst of uncontrollable power moments later? Stop relying on fate to kick in at just the right time.

Tune the responsiveness of your vehicle’s engine and enhance the way you drive on and off-road with Australia’s #1, award-winning throttle response controller — EVC Throttle Controller. 


A sharper throttle curve for a better driving experience

The controller provides new points of reference for your vehicle’s throttle mapping, either sharpening or dampening throttle response. With a more aggressive throttle curve, you can greatly reduce and often eliminate throttle lag, improve acceleration, control and throttle response for a better overall driving experience. 


Full control, full power

Dampening your vehicle’s throttle response past factory levels, you can gain more control over the vehicle’s traction through a more controlled application of power to your wheels. This is especially handy in low-speed situations such as reversing a camper van into a narrow area or driving through slippery terrain.


The EVC is super easy to install and simply plugs into your factory pedal assembly and pedal plug, with all wiring run through the dash. 

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