LiveTrack GPS Tracker by Ultimate 9 (iDrive)



The new LiveTrack GPS Tracker is a tiny, yet advanced GPS vehicle tracking system that can be used to track just about anything with a battery. From cars, boats, motorbikes, houseboats, jet-skis, excavators, caravans, trailers, heavy machinery, scooters and more, locate and track anytime using your smartphone and the free iCar phone App.


Keep track of friends, family or staff for peace of mind

There are many reasons why you would need LiveTrack and it’s not just the matter of preventing or detecting theft, although it’s very effective in that regard. You may want to keep track of a loved one as they travel to remote regions of WA. Or, making sure you know where friends and family are located while sailing the seas on a boat. It provides peace of mind in knowing where they are located in case they need assistance. 


Pinpoint the exact location of the tracker

The LiveTrack uses GPS satellites to pinpoint the exact location of the tracker and uses the mobile phone network to transfer the location data directly to your smartphone. Using the free iCar App, you will be able to see where the tracker is on a map. 

There’s also the option of setting up Geofences/virtual boundaries so that you will be alerted if the tracker goes out of a set boundary.

You can also view where the tracker has been on previous days with a location history feature, which is especially handy if a driver has been in a reported incident.


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