WA’s Best Fishing Spots Accessible By 4×4

What do we as Australian’s class as the Holy Grail?

Well, that would be Fishing, Camping and Off-roading to be exact. Of course, you could throw in a good BBQ and a coldie, but that’s all expected on a solid 4×4 adventure.

So far, we’ve tackled some of Perth and WA’s most hectic 4×4 off-road tracks, created a survival guide on camping gear and the best 4WD for towing.

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Now to top it all off, we’re going to reveal some of the best fishing spots WA has to offer that are accessible by 4×4.

1. Steep Point, Shark Bay

Steep Point is one of WA’s best land-based fishing spots which offers some big game fishing, including bonito, mackerel, tuna, queenfish, trevally and emperor. To access the infamous rock platform, you’re going to need a 4WD. 

There are campsites and facilities available at Steep Point, Shelter Bay and False Entrance, however, due to popular demand, bookings are essential, so don’t forget! Other land-based fishing spots within this area include:

  • Tamala Station
  • Bara Head
  • Three Bays
  • Nannas
  • Giraud Point
  • Blind Inlet

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2. Eighty Mile Beach, Broome

An endless beach (220km) that runs from Cape Keraudren to the South of Broome and is best visited in winter for its famous run of threadfin salmon. Lookout for deep channels that run along the beach at low tide, this is the best time to cast out some bait (strip mullet, prawns or a live mullet) sit back and wait. 

There are also numerous small estuaries and creeks along the beach that also make for some good fishing. Here you’ll mainly find mangrove jack, bream, flathead, cod and the odd barramundi.

If you’re looking for a place to set up camp and resupply, Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park has a minimart, fresh water, power,  and a camp kitchen with gas barbecues. Fish species that can be caught along 80 Mile Beach include barramundi, COD, coral trout, flathead, grass emperor, yellowfin bream and whiting.

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3. Hardy Inlet, Augusta

Augusta is one of WA’s most popular fishing hotspots, offering up a wide selection of fishing spots land-based, offshore and inland rivers. Owning a 4×4 will make it a lot easier to access some of the more remote fishing spots in Augusta. For instance, if you’re heading from Hardy Inlet towards Windy Harbour, you’ll find numerous off-road tracks to explore which lead down to hidden fishing spots off the beach.

Some of the top fishing spots in Augusta include:

  • Dead Finish (herring, cobbler, silver bream, skippy, whiting)
  • Colour Patch (whiting, flathead, bream and herring can be found near the estuary mouth)
  • Ellis St Jetty (fish mentioned above)
  • Ringbolt Bay (fish mentioned above + squid)
  • Deepdene (you will require a 4WD here, herring, salmon, bream, whiting, mulloway, tailor)
  • Hamelin Bay (4WD accessible, great for salmon)
  • Cosy Corner
  • Skippy Rock
  • Hardy Inlet
  • Windy Harbour

4. Hill River, Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is a popular holiday hotspot located approximately 220km north of Perth. There are plenty of land-based fishing spots which extend from Green Head all the way to Cervantes, as well as North Head and Sandy Point. To the south of Jurien Bay you’ll find Hill River, here you’ll need a 4WD to access these hidden fishing spots.

We recommend fishing from these land-based fishing spots at dawn, dusk and into the night.

Fishing locations to consider:

  • Hill River (4WD required, tailor, chance of mulloway, black bream)
  • Hill River North (4WD required, tailor, whiting chance of mulloway — can be plagued with weed along the beaches, making it hard to fish)
  • Island Point (tailor, whiting, mulloway, herring)
  • Jurien Jetty (snapper, samson fish, mulloway, Spanish mackerel, tailor, silver trevally, and whiting)
  • Jurien Harbour (fish mentioned above, flathead)
  • Middle Head 
  • North Head
  • Sandy Point (accessible by both 2WD and often busy, however with a 4WD you’ll be able to find isolated beaches to target herring, tailor and bream)

5. Preston Beach, Mandurah 

This magnificent fishing spot is just over an hour from Perth, so if you don’t feel like driving half way across WA for a good fishing session, Preston Beach will satisfy most angler’s thirst. If you have a 4WD, it’s going to be much easier to access these hidden fishing spots which are sprawled out along the beach, just make sure to deflate your tyres. 

During the day you can expect to catch whiting and herring, with tailor mulloway, large stingrays and even sharks coming in at sunset. There are plenty of facilities available to spend a day out on the beach, with free electric barbecues, children’s playground, toilets and drinkable water. 

Find out how to access Preston Beach.

6. Murchison River, Kalbarri

Kalbarri is one of the most popular fishing spots in all of WA for the fact that there is something for everyone. Kalbarri is home to some excellent rock fishing and here anglers can be rewarded with some prized catches including baldchin groper, pink snapper and red throat emperor. However, exercise extreme caution when fishing from the rocks as the waves can easily take you into rough waters. 

Murchison River is one particular hotspot that yields black bream, whiting, mulloway, tailor and mangrove jack, so if you aren’t up for some rock fishing the Murchison River will hit the spot. The best time to cast a line at these popular locations is dusk and dawn.

Other popular land-based fishing locations in Kalbarri include:

  • Wagoe Beach (4WD required – access from through Wagoe Chalets campground – pink snapper, baldchin groper, mulloway and tailor)
  • Pot Alley Beach (rock platform fishing – tailor, baldchin groper, snapper and mulloway)
  • Red Bluff (rock platform fishing – tailor, mulloway, samson fish and pink snapper)
  • Blueholes 
  • Murchison River Mouth (safe fishing platform – mulloway, whiting, tailor and silver trevally)
  • Wittecarra Creek and Red Bluff (excellent surfcasting spot located south of town – mackerel, tailor, mulloway and cod)

7. Lancelin

Known for its sand dunes and home to WA’s famous crawfishing community, Lancelin is a popular tourist destination that’s only one hour away north of Perth.

What makes Lancelin a great fishing spot is that it’s protected by an outer reef, this makes for a relatively calmer fishing experience. Throughout the day you can expect to catch whiting, herring and tailor off the beaches, however the best times to cast a line is during dusk and dawn.

There are a number of beach fishing locations, including Wedge Island and Ledge Point, but the prizes remain the same, with the odd mulloway at Ledge Point.

One thing to be wary about is the summer breezes can be quite strong, that being said there is no better time to cast out a line with a metal slug for some tailor.

Find out how to access Ledge Point, Lancelin and Wedge Island by 4WD.

8. Horrocks Beach, Horrocks

Horrocks Beach is located 75k just north of Geraldton and offers up a secluded, less populated beach fishing destination.

There are multiple cast off points, including fishing at Horrocks Beach, Waigen Lake and Little Bay (4WD accessible). Anglers looking for a hunt can expect to catch pink snapper, dhufish, baldchin groper, tuna and mackerel with offshore fishing at Little Bay.

Small whiting and tailor is best fishing at dawn and dusk using poppers and metal slugs.

Where are the fish biting?

  • Horrocks Beach (off the beach include tailor, whiting, samson fish, silver trevally, mulloway and sharks)
  • Waigen Lake (mulloway, tailor and sharks)
  • Little Bay (offshore anglers expect pink snapper, dhufish, baldchin groper, tuna and mackerel, beach fishing for mulloway and tailor)

9. Trigg Beach, Trigg

Wondering where are the fish biting in Perth? Say no more. Trigg Beach is a great fishing destination that is known for year-round whiting and herring that’s close to home.

It’s also known for sheltering school’s of Australian salmon in the reef holes and gutters during Autumn. The fish are biting pretty much all day long, but usually spike during the day and at night.

10. Cape Peron, Shark Bay

Located 800km of Perth in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia is Shark Bay. This popular destination is regarded as one of the world’s best sports fishing locations thanks to the warm tropical waters of the north combining with the cold waters from the south.

There are endless fishing locations in Shark Bay, each offering an abundance of fish species to be caught including mulloway, tailor, whiting, bream, flathead, grass emperor, trevally, pink snapper and tuskfish.

Cape Peron in particular (4WD accessible), proves to be an excellent land-based fishing spot where anglers can expect to catch bream, whiting, tailor, tuskfish, snapper and mulloway at night.

Other fishing locations nearby include:

  • Nanga (beach fishing — tailor, whiting, bream and flathead. Boat ramp at Nanga campground for offshore fishing can expect pink snapper and emperor)
  • Goulet Bluff (tailor, mulloway, bream, whiting and flathead)
  • Whalebone Bay (bream, flathead and whiting. Occasional pelagic and tailor)
  • Eagle Bluff (beach fishing — tailor, mulloway can be caught at dusk and dawn. Anglers can also expect bream, flathead and whiting)
  • Denham (Land-based anglers — whiting and bream all day. Mulloway, pink snapper, tailor and whiting can be caught off the jetty)
  • Monkey Mia (whiting, flathead and bream. Tailor and mulloway in low light periods)
  • Big Lagoon (4WD accessible, exceptional land based fishing including flathead, whiting, bream and tailor. Caution: home to lots of stonefish)
  • Gregorys Bay (bream, whiting, tuskfish and tailor. Mulloway at night)

Now that you’re ready to catch some fish, what about finding out some easy campfire recipe?

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