Best 4WD Off Road Tracks Around Perth

Best 4WD Off Road Tracks in Perth

With spring finally, here we can say goodbye to the mud and the rain as 4WD tracks in Perth begin to dry.

We admit, taking on those challenging muddy tracks can be exhilarating but at the same time extremely nerve-racking for a newbie who has never even experienced the chicken tracks.

Whether you are experienced on inexperienced Perth has a lot to offer when it comes to 4WD tracks. Here is a list of some popular tracks:

1. Mundaring Powerlines

Arguably one of Perth’s most popular 4WD track is the Mundaring Powerlines which is located approximately 34kms east of Perth.

The track incorporates all kinds of terrain including sand, rock, dust, clay and a lot of mud in winter, and usually takes 3-5 hours to complete depending on the experience of the driver.

If you are an inexperienced driver we recommend staying away from the muddied tracks as getting bogged or even damaging your precious rig is highly likely.

It is a good idea to always check the depth of the muddied track before attempting it to increase your chances of conquering it.

Apart from the mud, Powerlines is a great 4×4 track for all ranges of skill level and is a good place to start.

2. Julimar State Forest

Beyond Powerlines and approximately 90kms out from Perth to the northeast is Julimar State Forest, a country hill 4WD track mainly consisting of gravel, clay, dirt and a few bog holes.

The forest is quite dense and some parts of the track can be very narrow so take it slow around turns and tuck your mirrors.

The track offers 2 main hills as well as many small side roads and bends which lead to big open areas and can take about 4 hours or more to complete including the bog holes.

In winter the mud can be quite overwhelming so make sure to bring your recovery gear.

3. Captain Fawcett Track (Lane Pool Reserve)

One of the easier tracks to navigate to and through the Dwellingup area is the Captain Fawcett track. It’s located roughly 100kms out from Perth and offers a wide range of terrain to tackle including clay, mud, gravel, crossing creeks and even the Murray River.

The individual track can take up to 3 hours to complete but Lane Poole Reserve which is also located in the area with similar terrain can be given a day to explore and complete. Unfortunately, the track has been closed over the winter season to prevent any environmental damage

4. Waroona Dam

Just slightly south of Dwellingup is Lake Navarino or commonly known as Waroona Dam and is approximately 120kms south of Perth. The track offers different levels of difficulty when it comes to terrain including bog holes, mud, bush tracks and gravel.

During the winter periods, some tracks can get seriously muddy so we recommend bringing the recovery gear and travelling with a partner in crime in case one of you get bogged.

5. Harvey Dam Track (Wellington National Park)

A bit of a stretch from Perth but worth the drive is the Harvey Dam tracks. Located approximately 250kms from Perth also offers a wide range of difficult tracks from easy to extreme and can include mud, gravel, hill ascents and descents, rocks and crossing water.

This track can be quite dangerous during the winter seasons as most of the terrain can get flooded so just stick to the well-maintained road and tracks. If you decide to tackle the more extreme ones, make sure you have appropriate suspensions for off-road driving.

6. Preston Beach & White Hills Beach

Track information
Location: 100km out from Perth CBD
Terrain: Beach, sand and dunes
Time/Length to complete: N/A

If you’re looking for a weekend adventure packed full of beach driving, fishing and camping, you’ll want to head just south of Mandurah. Here you’ll find Preston Beach, White Hills Beach and Tims Thicket all within a stone’s throw away from each other.

For the most part, the sand is quite soft, so you’ll need to let your tyres down to around 15 psi. But it’s a great beach track for 4×4 enthusiasts who are just starting out and are looking to get in some practice.

Note: Keep an eye on the tide when travelling between White Hills to Preston Beach as the tide can come in fast. Ideal conditions are low tide where the sand is fairly compact.

7. Lancelin

Track information
Location: 130km out from Perth CBD
Terrain: Sand, beach and dunes
Time/Length to complete: N/A

Just north of Perth city we have a tiny small fishing town called Lancelin. What makes this an off-roaders dream destination? Massive. Sand. Dunes.

Lancelin is home to some of Perth’s most exciting sand dunes which attract a whole range of people including 4×4 enthusiasts, quad bikes, dirt bikes and sandboarders.

During the holiday season expect to see hundreds of tourists, as the town population goes from a snug 600 locals to well over 2000. 

Note: The dunes are constantly changing from the wind and other 4WDs, we highly recommend scouting your next challenge before sending it. There is a high risk of rolling due to steep sand dunes, so if you don’t have the right approach angle you’re probably going to roll. Recommended psi is between 25 to 15. Make sure to bring recovery gear, a shovel, maxtrax and a sandflag. 

8. Moore River

Track information
Location: 95km out from Perth CBD
Terrain: sand, beach driving, river crossing, bush tracks, hill climbs
Time/Length to complete: up to 4 hours

You may have heard of Moore River at one point, it’s only one of Perth’s favourite weekend away destinations in Guilderton. There are lots to do and explore including sweet 4wd tracks for beginners to put their river crossing skills to the test.

The river bed sand is fairly hard, making it easier to cross, however, some parts can be really soft. We recommend scouting ahead first before sending it across.

Nearby you can access bush tracks which will take you to Ledge Point or head north of the river mouth for some beach driving.

Need more tracks in WA?

We have a few lists of our favourite tracks you can check. Before heading out, make sure your 4wd and equipment are adapted to the challenges you’re about to face!

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