Top 4WD Tracks in Victoria

Much like its royal namesake, Victoria may be relatively small, but punches way above its weight. This is certainly the case when it comes to 4WD tracks, with which the state is abundant.


What are the best 4WD tracks in Victoria?

If you’re wondering to yourself ‘can I go 4WD in Victoria’ the answer is ‘hell, yes’. And if you’re in Victoria, thinking to yourself ‘I need to know where there’s an off road track near me’, then you’re reading the right article. 

The variety of 4WD tracks Victoria boasts is staggering, and which you choose depends a lot on what you want from your drive. How far you want to go and how tough you want the landscape to be are big factors. 

If you’re reading this wanting to know ‘what’s the hardest 4WD track in Australia’ I’ve got bad news for you – that’s not included here. Those drivers that want to dice with death might consider Ellis Track in Wesburn, Victoria. It’s a boulder-strewn stretch of discomfort that will make most drivers rue the day they got their licence. 

Similarly, if you’re wondering ‘what beach can you drive on in Victoria?’, I’ll tell you that it’s in the Portland Coastal Park, but that’s all I’ll say. Why’s this? There are just too many other great places to visit!

So, what we have here is a bunch of regions that include some fantastic on and off road tracks, from beginner level to advanced. 

Before you even think about setting off though, do visit a reputable stockist so that you’re primed and ready to go with all the equipment you need to have a stirring but safe adventure. . 

In the list below there should be something to suit most trackseekers, from the cosiest daytripper to the most intrepid adventurer. 


Of all the easy 4WD tracks near me, this is one of the best. It’s a great choice for beginners, being only a trim 98km from Melbourne and offering a great tasting menu of different 4WD styles. The area is a State Forest, but it’s also got rocky and hill sections that will offer variety, and features drives to suit most experience levels, from first-timers upward. 


There are camping areas all over the region, but most of the trails are short enough so that if you want to just do the drive and head home before nightfall, this is easily doable. 


And while we’re on areas that beginners will feel able to tackle, one of the very best 4WD territories is to be found in Toolangi State Forest. 

There’s a variety of terrain types here that will appeal to all skill levels, including some straightforward road tracks as well as some of the best dirt roads near me. One word of warning: in winter, Toolangi can get pretty muddy, so, unless skidding is your thing, it might be best to visit in summer. 

You can pair your 4WD experience with some great hiking in Toolangi: from the 500m wheelchair-friendly Wirrawilla Walk to the 4 hour stompathon that is Tanglefoot Loop, this forested wonderland will get any hiker’s boots buzzing. 

What’s more, most of the camping areas within the region will accept dogs, so your furry friend can benefit from a night in the fresh air too. 

Grampians National Park

This is hugely popular among a range of drivers from beginner to medium-skill levels. It’s mainly taken up with a vast sandstone mountain range, so steep hills and amazing views proliferate, but it does feature some great forested sections too. 

Above all, apart from the amazing landscape that you’ll witness here, there are two outstanding reasons to visit the area. 

  • Firstly, the wildflowers are nationally famous, and justifiably so. Home to one-third of Victoria’s flora and at its best between August and November.  
  • Secondly, the area is renowned for its Aboriginal significance, and there are unique opportunities to see remarkable rock art sites.

It’s a vast region with lots going on. If you’re thinking ‘yeah, thanks for the flower tip, but how do I find 4WD tracks?’, then you could do a lot worse than to stop in at the Cultural Centre when you arrive in the region. The staff will be able to tell you which 4×4 tracks are currently driving best and what to look out for en route.


Here’s something for the experienced driver. Marysville offers a preponderance of rivers, mud, and rocks. Get on to Paradise Plains Rd for a dose of hill heaven – the views from Keppel Lookout will knock you sideways – then drive on into Lady Talbot Drive for some serious water action. 

Something else Marysville offers which can ramp up the adventure a little: snow. Get on to the road to Mount Matlock and you’ll be 1400 metres up, which should deliver some snow at some point if you time it right. 

Just make sure you’ve done all the fitting out you need to before you go. Snow presents particular difficulties so you’ll need to factor this into your equipment list. 

Mount Disappointment

If you can get past the disenchanting aspect of its name, Mount Disappointment’s a blast. It got its title way back when explorers were less than impressed with the topography. What did they know? 

What you’ll find if you make the trip here is an incredible landscape characterised by a huge amount of regrowth following the 2009 fires. It features some of the most challenging 4×4 tracks near me, especially where it gets wet (courtesy of the Ordinary River, on its way into Deflation Bay. Just kidding). 

When you’ve finished with ‘Mount Diss’, and you need some post-adventure refreshment, head for the Unimpressive Arms (there I go again) – the pub at the Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground. 

Mount Terrible (no, really)

This beauty’s a spectacular drive and no mistake. Get to the peak of the mountain for some incredible views of the Great Dividing Range, then extend your trip to include some swimming at the Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers. This is a great option for those with little to average experience, offering a range of routes including the exciting Frenchman’s Gap Track. 

Can you drive to Victoria?

Sure you can. To be near most 4×4 Melbourne is a good base. You can take the M1, M8, M31 or M79 into the city, and from there it’s only a shortish drive to most of the tracks mentioned here, so, if you’re in the city, wondering about 4WD tracks near me, there’s plenty to choose from. Victoria’s blessed not just with great tracks – it also has a good road network that’ll whisk you away into some of the best 4WD Australia has to offer in no time at all. 

What do you need to be offroad ready?

For a complete rundown on what you need, contact Total 4×4. They’ll take you through the best gear to take for the area you’re heading into. 

Wherever it is you’re going, you need to be sure you’ve got the basics. These include a tyre deflator/compressor kit, shovel and planks (to get out of bogs and across gaps), first aid, tent, provisions, communications equipment and other essentials. 

The team at total 4×4 have the expertise and product range to make sure that you have all the gear so that you can approach your adventure with confidence. Happy offroading!


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