Should You Join a 4WD Club?

You’ve just gotten new tyres, lifted the suspension, and equipped a bullbar. You’re ready to go bush, but you’re feeling a little nervous about hitting the trails alone.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of 4WD clubs in Perth, Western Australia that help you discover new tracks, gain valuable skills and experience, and meet new people with the same passions and interests.

What seems to be a common mistake made by newcomers to the 4WD scene is that more and more are disregarding the idea of joining a 4WD club and hitting the outback alone.

To help you make the right decision and to get a better understanding, we discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of why you should join a 4WD club.


How are 4WD tracks created in the first place?

Does an individual simply trespass onto someone’s land and begin carving up a track?

One of the biggest benefits of a 4WD club that is often missed is what goes on behind the scenes.

As a collective body with a shared passion for 4WDing, clubs are constantly creating partnerships with local governments and land managers to deliver 4WD tracks that are challenging, fun and most importantly – safe for everyone.

Get expert training and advice

Clubs also provide an abundance of knowledge from experienced drivers who can educate and train you on how to tackle certain tracks, and advise what gear ranges you should be on to ensure your safety is paramount.

Credit: 4WD Club WA

Be part of a movement and contribute to an exciting future

By joining a 4WD organisation, you are not only apart of a bigger movement but effectively contributing to the future of 4WDing and its development.

Stronger in numbers, you are able to work together and negotiate rights to access parks and lands, to fight against possible restrictions and legislations, and to deliver new opportunities for everyone in the community.

A great way to explore the outback

Everyone knows the best and only way to truly explore the Australian outback is by 4WD and what better way to do so then to share the experience with others.

Get the opportunity to travel with experienced drivers who have traveled far and wide all around Australia and can provide expert advice on how to prepare for a trip, essentials to pack, and hazards to look out for.

Join a passionate community of like minded people

A 4WD club is not your run-of-the-mill office organisation. It’s like minded people who have a passion for 4WDing and adventure.

Stay up to date with closed trails, land-seizures, social activities, driver training, equipment advice, legislation and restrictions.

Take the opportunity to make some new friends with people who share your passion and hit the road jack!

Credit: Albany 4WD Club


4WD clubs aren’t for everyone

A 4WD club is not for everyone and if you are already an experienced driver you would probably spend most of your days helping other drivers out.

Travelling in big groups tend to make trips longer. More cars getting stuck, more cars waiting. This can be a deterrent for those who don’t have the time and may not have the patience.

General wear and tear

Travelling in big groups also means you will be using your recovery gear a lot more which means more wear and tear on your equipment as well as your forbie.

You may not want to pay a yearly subscription

Some clubs have an annual subscription fee to enjoy all their benefits.

You can’t stand politics

Just like any other community or organisation with a hierarchy (president, vice president, officers, etc) there will be politics.

Some 4×4 Clubs to consider in WA

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro there is much to gain from joining a 4×4 club. For everything and anything that’s 4×4, a club gives you access to a wealth of experience and knowledge, you get to meet like minded people who share your passion and interests, and get to be apart of something bigger.

If you’re after some advice on 4×4 equipment including awnings, bullbars, or recovery gear and don’t want to join a club then contact the team over at Total 4×4, your one stop shop for all your 4WDing accessories and more.

  1. Albany 4WD Club – Learn more about your 4WD and get involved in a community that is fun and safe for the family.
  2. All Tracks 4WD Club – Located north of the river in Perth.
  3. Adventure 4WD Club – Usually organise two trips a month and has members ranging from novice to pro, and singles to families.
  4. Armadale 4WD Club – Meet once a month and have a variety of trips every month.
  5. Compact 4WD Club – For people who have a small to medium AWD or 4WD who wish to showcase their capabilities of their compact.
  6. Four Wheel Drive Club of WA – Family orientated club for compact and standard 4WD’s.
  7. Geraldton 4WD Club – For those interested in tackling beaches and long station trips.
  8. GoBush 4WD Club – A family orientated club suited for those who want a less formal and more casual club.
  9. Peel 4WD Club – Hold a variety of social outings and 4WD trips.
  10. Perth 4WD Club – Hosts one event per month and offers a lot of encouragement and coaching.
  11. Rockingham 4WD Club –
  12. South West 4WD Club – This club covers Collie, Bunbury, Bridgetown and surrounding areas.
  13. Subaru 4WD Club – Club is dedicated to 4WD touring in a subie.
  14. Toyota Land Cruiser Club of WA – One of the more prominent clubs in WA.

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