Don’t feel like getting bogged down, knee-deep in some of the muddiest and sandiest off road tracks? Add a 4x4 winch to your vehicle toolkit and keep on moving.

Warn Winches are 4-wheel driving essentials

“I was left stranded” (said no one ever) with a winch and recovery gear.

What are the chances of getting bogged down knee-deep in some of the muddiest and sandiest off road tracks? — VERY HIGH

If you work or live in an environment where you know you’re going to get stuck on a day-to-day basis or regularly test the limits of your 4wd in the most extreme conditions then a 4×4 Winch is going to be your saving grace.

The reliability, durability and performance of your recovery gear are going to be the key difference in getting yourself and your four wheel drive out of a tight situation or be left stuck twiddling your thumbs until help arrives.

Whether you’re a weekend driver warrior tackling Perth’s most extreme off-road tracks, a casual weekend adventurer, off-road racer or a farmer, having a 4×4 winch installed will be your greatest advantage.

Winch Safety Tips

Before using your 4WD winch, it is important that you follow some standard safety procedures by doing so you can safely manage and perform a rescue.

  1. Lower the tyre pressure
  2. Clear the obstacles on the way
  3. Avoid overheating the winch motor
  4. Put the transmission in neutral
  5. Find a good and reliable anchor point (trees, stumps, and rocks)

When you do need to winch, follow these steps:

  • Always ensure that your 4X4 winch is in perfect working condition
  • Check the cables for fraying, kinking, separated or broken strands
  • Check if your anchor connection is secure
  • Place a heavy blanket over the winch cables to absorb
    energy if the wire rope snap loose
  • Plan ahead every movement that you will perform, remember the most important thing is always to be sure to stay safe

If you’re still unsure if you need a 4×4 winch or which one to choose, Total 4×4 is more than happy to provide you with free expert advice to ensure you get a winch most suited to your needs.

Contact Total 4×4 today to discuss your needs.

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