TJM Kinetic Recovery Kit 13000KG


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Currently in stock in Perth (as of 10/12/23)! Ready for Christmas!

The TJM kinetic recovery kit is here to offer a more effective recovery from sand, mud, snow and any other situations that require recovering your 4×4. The TJM kinetic rope has a 50% more rope elongation over a traditional snatch strap, it is made from 100% double braided nylon with polyurethane coated eyelet for maximum protection. The TJM soft shackle is made from genuine spectra ® fiber & is fitted with a braided sleeve for added protection against sharp edges & abrasions. It is a safer alternative than conventional steel bow shackles, weighs only a fraction of a steel bow shackle, will not rust, floats on water & is easy to use. The TJM recovery blanket is designed to dampen the recoil of a strap or rope or cable in the unlikely event that either breaks, making it an essential safety accessory for winch and snatch strap & recovery rope recoveries. Draped over the middle of a snatch strap or recovery rope or winch cable, the blanket will greatly reduce the potential for damage.


Includes:1 X 22mm Ø x 9m
13000KG Recovery Rope with Neoprene Sleeve
2 X 21,000KG Soft Shackle
1 X Recovery Blanket
1 X Gloves (XL)
2 X Keepers
1 X TJM Gear Bag
Package Weight:8.00 kg
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