Misfuelling Stories

Did you know that misfuelling is far more common than you might think? Market studies show that one out of two drivers knows someone who has misfuelled at some point in their lifetime.

Just think about it, let’s say you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve been driving on the road all day – you might even be driving someone else’s car. When you’re tired and in autopilot, it can be very easy to make simple mistakes.

Take a look at some of our client stories on misfuelling.


Ford Ranger From York

“Called the guys at Total 4 x 4 and told them I’d like two of their diesel-only fuel caps (one for the Hiace work van and another for the Ford Ranger PX2) and I’d be coming in to pick them up. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I didn’t get there but made sure I’d have time to call past the following week on my way back from a job in York (about 150km from Perth WA).
Unfortunately, I managed to fill up with 30 litres of unleaded before taking off to York and didn’t realize what I’d done till I pulled up and the car was running rough. Luckily RAC managed to get the van on a tilt tray and back to Perth where the fuel system was drained and the engine saved. After owning and running diesel’s for years I couldn’t believe what I’d done, luckily for me there was no damage to the motor but I’ve now picked up a diesel-only fuel cap for the van and the cap for the Ranger is on order, cheap insurance at less than $100 each.”


TD42 Nissan Patrol

“I have made mistake of putting petrol in my 2006 GU ST Nissan Patrol TD42 only twice. First time only maybe a few hundred ml’s of petrol before I realized so after consulting my qualified diesel mechanic (son) I filled tank with diesel, no issues with such a small amount. A few years later, I made mistake again at BP  out in Armadale, put about 5 litres of petrol in before realising mistake. Had to call a specialist company who do nothing but fix several of these misfills per day all over Perth. I waited hours, then he pumped whole tank, then bled fuel lines and fuel pump, new fuel filter etc. Had to pay also for fuel disposal. over $700 all up and several hours to get back on the road. Luckily I did not start Patrol so only contaminated tank but the mechanic still did full system clean for good measure. a sad but avoidable story. I am paranoid now but luckily many service station have bright yellow signs for Diesel fuel hose. Will come into your shop next time I am in Bayswater and pick up a SoloDiesel cap.”


Misfuelling prevention for almost all types of diesel car

The SoloDiesel cap offers protection from misfuelling for all types of newer and older diesel cars, even those older than year 1980. Eight different types of SoloDiesel caps protect 95 percent of all diesel cars.

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