Misfueling Insurance Guide: What To Do, How It Happens, & Are You Covered?

So, you’ve accidentally put the wrong sort of fuel in your car, and you’re wondering what to do next. Before you look down the barrel of the camera and the Seinfeld bass piano riff starts playing, along with an outdated laughing track, you gotta know what your next steps are. 

Misfuelling is actually a lot more common than you might think, and the consequences if you don’t do the right thing immediately after is no laughing matter. Misfuelling can cost you thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t have to. 

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car, turn it off and keep reading here. This article is a guide on how misfuelling occurs, what to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car, as well as discussing questions like “does breakdown cover include misfuelling”? 


How Does Misfuelling Happen? 

The petrol bowsers are clearly labelled so how on god’s green Earth does someone put the wrong bloody fuel in their car?

Have you ever driven along a busy highway after work to see that there’s massive lines at the servo, only to remember it’s cheap fuel day? You then make a swift no indicator turn and start waiting in line. After waiting in the line for what seems like ages, half watching the queue and half on your phone, it’s your turn. In an attempt to be quicker than the slow-poke before you so you can keep the line moving, you grab any-’ol nozzle and start filling up. 

Moments go by, you’re rushed, tired, less-attentive than you’d regularly be, and you’ve finally noticed you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car. This is exactly what you didn’t need!

Another common way misfuelling happens is if you’re not driving your own car. If you’re driving a government fleet vehicle, mining spec vehicle, or construction car, you might just assume the car takes petrol like your personal vehicle. Accidentally putting petrol in a diesel car in this way is very understandable. 

This is usually how misfuelling happens. In brief moments of mental lapse when tired and distracted, mistakes can be easily made. Everyone makes mistakes and there’s no shame in doing so. All you have to do is make sure you do the right thing for what comes next!


What Are You Supposed To Do If You Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car?

Alright, you’ve made a mistake and that’s fine, but now it’s time to stand at attention, soldier. These next few steps could be the difference between hundreds and thousands of dollars. Don’t wait to see what happens if you put petrol in a diesel car, or vise-versa. Because I can tell you now, what will happen is you’ll be flushing your money down the toilet. So, here’s our steps of what you should do if you put the wrong fuel in your car. 


Step 1: Stay Calm 

If you’ve noticed you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car. Stay calm. The mistake has been made, but most of the damage is only done if you keep using your car, or start stressing. The stress is understandable, but ultimately counterproductive. So take a moment, and let’s regroup. 


Step 2: Turn Your Car Off

If you’ve realised at the bowser that you’ve misfuelled, this is the best case scenario. Don’t turn your car on, and get help moving it to safety. 

If you’ve realised while driving, don’t panic. Find the next available safe place to park your car, and turn the vehicle off. 


Step 3: Notify Who You Need To

If you’re still at the servo, let the employees know that you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car, and that you need a safe place to put it. They will direct you to the best spot. 

If you’re driving someone else’s car, such as a company car, let them know. They will best advise you with what they want done next with their vehicle. 


Step 4: Call Your Insurance Provider 

Whenever any breakdowns happen to your car, you need to call your insurance provider. They tell you what your next steps are and how to get the problem fixed. Don’t try to fix the misfuelling yourself, let the professionals do it. 


Is Misfuelling Covered By Your Insurance? 

The question if you have diesel fuel contamination insurance, or petrol fuel contamination insurance, completely depends on your cover. 


Personal Vehicle 

Usually, private, personal vehicle 4WD insurance will not cover misfuelling damage and mistakes. But it might. The thing you should do to find out is to call up your provider. 


Company Cars 

If you’re driving a mining spec vehicle, government fleet car, or construction work car, there is a decent chance that your company will have misfuelling insurance. Company insurance  cover is usually a bit more broad, because they are paying a premium. Check with your employer for what to do next. 


Prevention Is Better Than Cure! 

Knowing how to prevent misfuelling, rather than knowing what to do if it happens, is far more effective. There are products that prevent misfuelling that you can use on your personal vehicle or 4WD that reduce your risk. Here are 3 of the best ways to prevent misfuelling: 

  1. Buy a Solodiesel misfuelling cap 
  2. Double-check the fuel pump you are about to use
  3. Stay focused while at the petrol station!  


Where Do You Get Misfuelling Prevention And Accessories

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