How to Prevent Misfuelling Your Car

Statistics show that over 8,000 diesel vehicles are damaged from a misfuelling problem in Australia every year. And that it can cost those drivers anything from $600 to $25,000 to repair the damage. So, it goes without saying that if you’ve experienced this dilemma before, you’d like to avoid it at all costs in the future. And if you haven’t, well, you’d do anything never to have to experience it.

So, if you’re looking for a solution right now, or want to avoid it happening in the future, here’s what you need to know about misfuelling, how to handle it when it happens, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.


What Does Misfuelling Mean?

Misfuelling refers to the act of filling your car’s fuel tank with the wrong fuel. This can either mean filling a petrol car with diesel or, more dangerously, filling a diesel car with petrol.

The nozzle of a diesel pump is larger than that of a petrol pump, meaning that it is easier to make the mistake of putting petrol into a diesel car than the other way around. So, don’t be too hard on yourself when this does happen. However, take care of how you handle the situation and set a plan in action to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Are the Dangers of Misfuelling?

There are several dangers to filling up your car with the wrong fuel. Essentially, diesel acts as a lubricant, whereas petrol acts as a solvent. And this is because petrol has a higher calorific value, whereas diesel has a higher compression ratio.

When you fill your diesel car with petrol, the fuel pump runs without lubrication, causing friction between its various components. This creates what is called ‘swarf’, which refers to small metal fragments that grind off as unlubricated parts rub together.

A swarf build-up can prevent the fuel from reaching the engine, causing the car to come to a jiggered halt. On the way to the engine, the swarf can also contaminate the fuel filter. So, you might find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere if misfuelling happens and you’re unprepared!

It’s, therefore, safe to say that misfuelling may lead to expensive damages to your car and an unsafe situation. However, before you panic, you need to realise that you can prevent misfuelling — and it’s more accessible and more affordable than you might think!


How Can I Avoid Putting Petrol in a Diesel Car?

In order to prevent misfuelling, a misfuelling prevention device or cap is necessary. You can buy this misfuelling prevent cap from a trusted local vehicle accessories store

Wrong Fuel Prevention: What is a Misfuel Device?

This retrofit or modernised device does not form part of the car’s original design, but you can buy and add it to enhance the vehicle. A prime example of such a device is the SoloDiesel cap.

How Does SoloDiesel Work?

The SoloDiesel Cap was designed with two things in mind, namely safety and efficiency. The device possesses five safety latches that are able to recognise the diameter of the fuel nozzle. For example, when applied to a diesel car, the narrower petrol nozzle will simply be blocked before it enters the fuel neck.

This device also ensures efficient fuelling due to its ingenious cap flap system. The flap opens upon insertion of the fuel nozzle and closes the moment the nozzle is removed. What’s this to you? Well, it saves you the time and effort of unscrewing the original fuel cap.


What To Do After Misfuelling?

Should misfuelling occur, however, there’s no need to fear. Here are five simple steps to follow when you find yourself in this dreaded position.

Stay Where You Are!

If you realise, at the service station, that your car has been misfuelled, don’t drive away. Stay where you are until instructed otherwise. It’s essential not to start your engine as this can cause damage to your vehicle and cause your car to break down on the road.

Pull Over Immediately

If you only come to this realisation later, when you’re already on the road, don’t “just push through”. Just pull over immediately! You might be able to drive for a while, but your car will inevitably break down, so stop sooner rather than later where you find a safe spot.

Push Your Car to Safety

It may be necessary for you to push your car to a place where you can get someone to help you drain the fuel tank safely.

Inform the Right People

Don’t ever suffer in silence. Inform the right people as soon as possible and call someone who can assist you.

Call Your Car Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance provider before allowing any repairs to be done to your vehicle, as they may cover certain costs and will also be able to advise you throughout the process. They might even be able to contact someone to come out and assist you wherever you are.

The Service Station Attendants

Service station attendants are most likely to have ample experience in this regard. Explain the situation and ask for help. Given the statistics, they’ve probably had to help someone in your dreaded position before! Also, ensure that you double-check precisely what type of fuel your car uses before filling up next time.


Diesel Misfuelling Prevention: Tips Going Forward

Buy a SoloDiesel Cap

By acquiring your very own SoloDiesel cap, you can prevent misfuelling for life.

Label Your Fuel Cap

To be extra safe, place a sticker with the fuel name inside your fuel cap.

Double-Check the Pump

Always check that your fuel cap and the pump have the same name on them.

Stay Focused

You might go on autopilot or become distracted at the service station, but try to stay focused and instead take your time to double-check to avoid any mishaps.


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