5 Tips on How to Keep Your 4×4 Fleet on The Road

The right 4×4 accessories and preventative fleet maintenance not only keeps your vehicles on the road for longer, it’ll save you more money. 

A well-kitted vehicle is equipped to endure tough terrain, breaks down less often, is more fuel efficient, and helps lower your operating costs. 

Whether you’re at a mine site or on urban roads, taking a proactive approach means you can keep your vehicle and staff protected from the elements and road safety hazards.

And we get it, as with many things that require a budget, this is always easier said than done. Treacherous off-road terrain, crowded construction sites, and red dust in the electrics can all take a toll on the general condition of your 4×4 fleet. And, when your vehicle suffers, so does your bottom line.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your 4×4 fleet on the road.

Install the right 4×4 bullbar

When traveling on the open road, a bull bar keeps your vehicle protected and your team safe, while protecting vital engine components from unsuspecting animal collisions and other hazards, which can be crippling to your 4×4 fleet. They also provide  a solid base for mounting any other essential 4×4 accessories, including winches and additional driving lights. Choosing the right bullbar and having it fitted by a qualified 4×4 accessories supplier who understands fleet management lets you keep your vehicles on the road for longer.

Check tyre pressure regularly 

Tyre pressure plays an essential role in maintaining overall driving performance. It has an impact on handling, fuel efficiency and general wear and tear. It’s important to keep in mind that tyre wear will vary across your fleet depending on external factors. A study showed tyres naturally  lose 1 PSI to 2PSI per month and can reduce fuel economy by 9.35km/l. Weather, road conditions, and the operator’s general driving abilities can have an impact on how quickly tyres deteriorate. This is why it is crucial to use a tyre guide to check tyre pressure before and after a trip to ensure the correct tyre pressure is used for the right terrain. 

Carry out regular engine checks

We are sure we don’t need to tell you this, as regular engine checks should be part of any fleet 4×4 maintenance checklist. Inspecting the engine bay, checking engine oil, changing air filters and replacing old spark plugs can help extend the life of your 4×4 fleet. A healthy engine is efficient and can save fleet managers and companies money and time. For companies trying to ‘go green’, regular engine checks will not only extend the life of your vehicle, but can also reduce your environmental footprint with added efficiency. 

Inspect suspension for damage

Suspension plays a crucial role in keeping the wheels connected to the road, giving a more safer and comfortable ride. It helps to improve the overall smoothness of driving by increasing handling, enabling better grip and braking, and absorbing impact over uneven surfaces. Generally speaking, coil springs, shock absorbers and struts are designed to withstand rough road conditions, however this may not necessarily protect you from uneven terrain and large potholes, typically faced out on mine sites. Driving with damaged suspension is highly dangerous and a safety hazard. If multiple springs were to break, this could seriously hurt the driver and damage your vehicle. 

Here are 6 signs your suspension needs replacing

Plan ahead

Failing to plan for the future could leave you scrambling to keep up while your competitors get ahead. Not being prepared with a well-kitted fleet means not being able to get personal and equipment out on site in time. This results in project delays and cost overruns. Rushing to react to increasing demands, which naturally comes with a bigger client base, as well as additional pressure of managing and maintaining a larger fleet, may cause you to make hurried decisions and unnecessary spending. 

Rather, find a service provider who has the capability and capacity to fit-out your 4×4 fleet with the necessary equipment tailored to your requirements. Working with a dedicated professional lets you reduce the likelihood of downtime due to poor vehicle fit-outs. Making fleet management easier and gives you more time to focus on the projects at hand. 

Speak to the fleet fit-out experts

Here at Total 4×4, we supply and install fleet fit-out solutions for all commercial fleets. With years of experience servicing the WA 4×4 industry, our experts put the focus on you to provide a tailor-fit purpose build solution suited to your end-use and environment. We consistently deliver sturdy, safe, and compliant fleet modifications on time, and on budget to help keep your 4×4 fleet on the road for longer. For simpler fleet management in Perth, contact us today for a fit-out solution. 

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