The Four Best Recreational 4X4’s For Caravan Towing

Go far and wide with ease when you choose the right 4×4 to lead the way

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Maybe you’re a born traveller, indulging in the nomad’s lifestyle that comes naturally to you. Maybe you’ve lived a routine life, seeing the same views and people which has left you with a deep desire for adventure and the great outdoors. Whatever the case, if you’re planning a road trip, and your preferred accommodation is a caravan or camper trailer, then you’re going to need a powerful vehicle to tow it. We’d like to suggest a 4×4.

4x4s are the perfect solution in two scenarios, namely when you’re heading off-road into the bush, or if you’re towing a heavy trailer or caravan. Today, we’re looking at towing caravan’s, and which is the best 4X4 to travel comfortably and safely while your mobile home follows in your wake.

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Technology has come along way since we last talked about The Four Best Recreational 4×4’s for Caravan Towing back in 2016 with larger towing capacities, substantial kerb weight giving great towing stability, and bigger torque figures.

What rigs are capable of doing these days make those of 2013 look like child’s play, however, choosing the biggest and highest of everything isn’t always better.

These days it’s more about what you want more as a driver to be comfortable and safe, but still be able to do the things you want to do.

Whether it’s on-road or off-road, here are the top 6 vehicles for towing in 2020.

Ford Ranger FX4 2020

Ford Ranger FX4 2020

Cost: $61,340 (with on-road costs)
Towing capacity: 750kg/3500kg
Power/torque: 147kW/470Nm
Kerb weight: 2159kg
Total combined mass: 6000kg
Safety rating: Five-star ANCAP

More sensible than its showoff brother Wildtrak, the limited-stock Ford Ranger FX4 does the work you need it to do with its 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine. A step above standard Ranger range on the road, it’s a decent mix between the stock standard and the Wildtrak, having no qualms pulling a caravan where you need to go.

Outside you’ll empress with a lot of sleek matte black – from the low-rise sportsbar to the mesh grille –and 18-inch alloys designed specifically for the FX4.

Inside of the dual-cab you’ll feel safe knowing there’s AEB with Pedestrian Detection, reversing camera, Lane Keeping and Lane Departure Aids, adaptive cruise control, and Semi-Auto Parallel Parking.

The black leather-accented seat trim with the nice touch of red stitching on the steering wheel and gear selector. The FX4 syncs with your smartphone too with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Toyota HiLux Rogue 2020

Toyota Rogue in grey

Cost: $68,990 (plus on-road costs)
Towing capacity:
Kerb weight:
Total combined mass:
Safety rating:
Five-star ANCAP

The Rogue can do the heavy lifting and go off-road, but has a more subtle look than its Rugged X counterpart. The dual-cub Rogue still works as a slick ride around town. Coupled with 18” alloys and an aero inspired resin sailplane sportsbar, the chassis keeps it classy enough while still offering that power that you’re going to need to lug around your temporary home on wheels.

With a 150kW 2.8L turbo diesel engine, you’ll have the grunt that’ll pull the caravan where you need to go. Adaptive cruise and hill descent control, AEB and road sign detection, as well as improved suspension makes the Rogue great to make the drive smooth.

It’s the interior that makes this a decent choice – like locking up the motorised roller cover for the tub with your key remote when you’re popping in for a quick lunch. You’ve got your digital speedometer (finally), the 9-speaker JBL audio system, and an 8-inch screen in the dash with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GXL

Cost: $88,000 (with on-road costs)
Towing capacity: 350kg/3500kg
Power/torque: 195kW/650Nm
Kerb weight: 2610kg
Fuel consumption when towing: 19.2L/100km
Touring range when towing: 669km (with 50km safety margin)
Total combined mass: 6800kg
Safety rating: Five-star ANCAP

Feel tethered to the road regardless of what your towing with the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GXL. The heavy 4.5L V8 twin turbo diesel beast is as thirsty as a camel wandering Cable Beach, but glides as smoothly as a paraglider in Bali thanks to its lush coil spring suspension. 

Coupled with 17” alloys and Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 rubber tyres, you’ll be soaking up bumps and corrugations at a comfortable speed of 70km/h. There is enough torque and power under the bonnet that you could uproot a tree, while smoothly shifting gears in a 6-speed-auto.

Although it guzzles more fuel than you all the boys put together on a Friday night, the 200 GXL is still widely considered to be the best caravan towing rig in 2019.

Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab

Cost: $55,000 (with on-road costs)
Towing capacity: 350kg/3500kg
Power/torque: 147kW/470Nm
Kerb weight: 2159kg
Fuel consumption when towing: 18.6L/100km
Touring range when towing: 380km (with 50km safety margin)
Total combined mass: 6000kg
Safety rating: Five-star ANCAP

Dual-Cab 4WD’s are all the hype right now. Not only are they perfect for tackling off-road tracks around Perth, they are also excellent at towing your hefty caravan on-road. The Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab can tow almost anything comfortably in a 6speed auto that doesn’t sacrifice on the torque and power. 

What makes the Ranger above all other towing vehicles is that it comes fully equipped with a Blind Spot Information System with trailer coverage, Trailer Sway Control, Trailer Brake Controller, and the best in class payload capacity of 840kgs. This vehicle makes towing a caravan or horse trailer a piece of cake.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 2019

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 2019

Cost: $61,090 (with on-road costs)
Towing capacity: 350kg/3500kg
Power/torque: 157kW/500Nm
Kerb weight: 2246kg
Fuel consumption when towing: 18.2L/100km
Safety rating: Five-star ANCAP

We have chosen to include the Ford Ranger Wildtrak Bi-Turbo because we can’t ignore the fact that it was voted as Australia’s best Dual-Cab 4WD off-road ute by carsales. Although, the engine is smaller than the XLT Double Cab, the Wildtrak is better in every way possible.

Although, the XLT double cab still remains a great vehicle for towing, the Wildtrak just does it better on all fronts. Not only is it faster and more fuel efficient, it also has a larger towing capacity of 954kg and drives more comfortably while braking. 

However, the 2.0L may struggle going uphill, with some of the slowest times recorded as it struggled to gain any sort of decent momentum, and even less joy coming down, with less engine braking than the 3.2L.

The Ranger Wildtrak is perhaps the most supple, SUV-like ride that’s comfortable and easy to drive, allowing you to feel planted on a flat with almost any trailer attached. 

Mazda BT-50 XTR Dual Cab

Cost: $51,190 (with on-road costs)
Power/torque: 147kW/470Nm
Kerb weight: 2105kg
Towing capacity: 350kg/3500kg
Fuel consumption when towing: 18.7L/100km
Touring range when towing: 378km (with 50km safety margin)
Total combined mass: 6000kg

If there’s one towing vehicle that gives the Ford Ranger’s a run for their money that would be the Mazda BT-50 XTR Dual Cab. It has been dubbed as the ‘Jack of All Trades’ and does exactly what you need and want it to do. 

The Mazda is fuel-efficient with 12L/100km lugging around a 1200kg caravan, it’s loaded up with all the essential 4×4 accessories needed for off-roading, including a bull bar, snorkel, hard tonneau cover, tub liner and dual battery kit.

Built for towing, the BT-50 is more than capable and is one of the best towing vehicles offering a 3500kg towing capacity. A stable platform and a powerful 5-cylinder engine mean you’ll rarely struggle up hills and can keep up when overtaking.

Whether you’re a family man or a tradesman lugging a heavy payload to and from construction sites, the Mazda has been built for towing, hauling and off-roading, giving you a comfortable drive on and off-road.

Our favourites 4×4 for caravan towing (2016 list)

We’re going to cover some of the best recreation 4×4 vehicles for the job so sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, or smooth in this case. Here are our favourites:

Toyota LandCruiser 200 TDV8

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

This beautiful beast boasts an appetite for diesel with a tank to match, offering an impressive amount of power as well as towing stability. If you’re planning to go far and wide, this is your ride.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013

Max capacity:350kg/3500kg

Surprise, surprise another diesel engine. While its predecessor, the Grand Cherokee CRD, displayed a great tow tug, the turbo diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 with the same 3500kg braked trailer tow rating holds its own.

It is comfortable, stylish, offers an impressive terrain selection system and can tow heavy loads with such ease you might forget you’re towing anything.

Range Rover SDV6 3.0

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

There are two versions of this Range Rover, but we’re referring specifically to the more powerful SDV6. The twin-turbo diesel engine can power you and your caravan effortlessly to just about any remote destination.

Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0

Max capacity:350kg/3500kg

This Range Rover can handle all types of trail and its terrain response function gives you the power to correct 4×4 settings at the touch of a button. Despite its size it handles well just about anywhere, and its V6 twin turbo engine has enough power to easily tow the largest caravan.

Tips for caravan towing

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you turn the key to the ignition and set out on your journey:

  • Slow and steady – When you’re towing a caravan you will need more time and space so take your time, brake earlier and accelerate slower than usual.
  • Wider is the way – When taking a corner, you must take it a wider angle to accommodate the additional length of your caravan.
  • Sharing is not caring – Never carry passengers in the caravan while you’re towing it. It is dangerous and not recommended

If you are considering taking a few trips into the outdoors with friends or family make sure you are fully equipped with the right vehicle and towbar. Don’t forget to go through some car checks to make sure it won’t fail you on the go and know the best practice for towing your caravan safely and hassle-free.

We live, breathe and dream all things 4×4 at Total 4×4.  Feel free to consult us for any information you may need to make your next camping trip a success. With over 30 years’ experience, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Ready, gear up, go

First things first, before you embark on your 4×4 journey, it’s always a good idea to run through your 4×4 checklist to make sure your vehicle is up to safety standards.

The next step before you start a journey towing a caravan is to make sure you have all the 4wd mods ideal for towing and get a quick refresher on WA road rules.

If you’re missing some gear or need to replace worn out accessories, you’ll find all your forbie needs at Total 4×4.

Now that you’ve done your safety check and prepared all of your gear, let’s see what Western Australia has to offer when it comes to off-roading.

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