Dynamic Suspension Buying Guide For 4WD In 2022

Have you ever told your friends that your 4WD drives like a dream? If you have, you’ve either got the best 4WD suspension lift kit, or your idea of a dream is scoliosis and acute back pain. Hey, you might want to feel every little bump, bend, crack and curve in the road through your spine, but if you ask me, that sounds more like a nightmare than a dream!

Bin the neckbrace mate, you’re just going to hurt you, your car, and your wallet more and more by driving around on that lemon of a suspension.

Getting the best 4WD suspension and best lift kits will significantly improve the performance of your vehicle both on and off road. If you can’t drive through suburbia on your current suspension without spilling your coffee all through your cup holder, it’s time for an upgrade. 

It’s no good replacing lemon suspension with newer lemon suspension, you need to know the best 4WD suspension brands. 

Don’t get all rattled up! You’re in the right place! This is the best 4X4 suspension in review for 2022, so you can make the best decision for any of your vehicles and their needs. Which brand suspension is best? Find out here!


What Is 4WD Suspension 

4WD suspension is the mechanism which the axle of the car, and tyres, rest on in order to help the car drive. The stock suspension you get when your car leaves the showroom floor isn’t too hard, too soft, too high, or too low. It’s simply the most basic, universal and cost-effective suspension the manufacturer could make. It will not be the best suspension for your needs.

There are a few things that make a great suspension. Out 4WD suspension comparison is judged on 

  • The Ride: How well the suspension smooths out bumps in the road
  • The Handling: How well and safe the car can corner, accelerate, and brake
  • The Wheel Travel: How far the wheel can move up and down in the wheel arch, as well as the clearance it has from obstacles on the road
  • The Road-Holding Abilities: How well the vehicle can stick to the road and it’s load capabilities 


The Features And Benefits Of 4WD Suspension And Lift Kits 

The 4 criteria of which we mentioned above are all benefits that a suspension and lift kit will bring to your offroading vehicle. However, some more include: 

    • Reduced lean and drifting around corners 
    • Reduced tyre wear which will save you money (up to 30%!)
    • Increase the lifespan of your shock absorbers by up to 300%
    • Have a safer drive 
    • Hold far better on roads 
    • Improve the control you have in your steering 
    • Save money 
    • Stabilise your vehicle 
    • Vastly improved comfort 
  • An aggressively good looking vehicle with a fizzing-sick lift 


How To Select The Best Suspension Kit For Your 4WD

The sort of questions we always get asked are; “what is the best lift kit for Hilux? What is the best lift kit for a Ford Ranger? And what is the best lift kit for Pajero?” These are the wrong questions. Sure, the vehicle make is important, but that’s a given.

Instead, we prefer customers to ask things like; “I’m going on a long road trip to the far, far north, what is the best 4X4 suspension in Perth for highway driving? I’m going off-roading on some intense rock-faces, which are the best shock absorbers in Australia for these conditions?”

Rather than asking what the suspension will be used on, think about what the suspension will be used for. You can read about the different types of suspensions here. Sorts of uses where it is recommended to update your suspension include: 


Long Road Trip And Safety Handling Suspension 

Packing up the kids and heading off on the next big adventure? You’re gonna want a touch more clearance in case you go off on any trails with shrubs and other obstacles. More importantly, you need a suspension that is designed for comfort and safety at high speeds on gravel roads, or even the odd beach trail. Responsive steering and gentle over bumps is what you need.  Make sure you communicate this to your 4WD expert.

If you’re towing a boat or trailer, or are fully loaded with equipment and a heavy triple-loop bull bar, then you’re also going to need rigid suspension with good road holding abilities. Remember, stock bull bars aren’t designed for heavy loads. 


Mine-Specification Vehicles, Construction Cars, Government Fleets

Suspension for mine-spec vehicles and construction is going to need to have a solid suspension and very high road holding abilities. These cars are designed to lug loads, upon loads of heavy objects and materials. A stock suspension will almost definitely not be strong enough. 


Off Roading Suspension 

If you’re serious into your offroading then you’re going to come across some less than friendly trails. Your suspension is going to need to transform into some kind of contortionist to seemingly climb up vertical ledges and crawl over the most obscure boulders imaginable. Some of these trails will be difficult to get over by foot, let alone in a car!

Because of this, you’re going to need to have some extremely soft suspension with a lot of flex. This will give your tires the best chance at being on the ground so they can get traction, even when half the car is launched into the sky!

In extreme offroading, you also need an extreme clearance underneath your 4WD. Lift kits will be essential. This is so when boulders come and attack the bottom of your car, there’s too much room between the ground and your chassis for them to collide.


The Best Suspension Brands For 2022

There are a heap of different types of suspension on the market which you need to consider to choose the right 4WD suspension system. You can’t just pick one suspension brand and say that it is the best, because each suspension will do things differently and will be suited for a different purpose. Speak to your provider about which is best for your needs.

As a rule of thumb, you will be in safe hands as long as you go with a reputable brand. In particular, if you go with an Australian brand, the suspension will be acutely tuned to Australian standards, regulations, and conditions. 

In saying that, we still have our selection of our 3 favourite suspension brands going into 2022. They are, in no particular order: 

  • West Coast Suspensions 

Since 1924, West Coast Suspensions has been providing West Australian motorists with high quality service and product. Fully customisable to whatever need, West Coast Suspensions understands the Australian environment. 

  • Superspring 

Though it is most cost-effective on this list, Superspring is by no means low of quality. Superspring is the perfect reassurance you need to give your vehicle a slight lift, and add some stability, comfort and safety. 

  • Ridepro Suspension 

Rugged, robust, and ready for whatever danger you want to throw at it. Ridepro Suspension is the perfect off roading suspension with their RoxShocks 4WD shock absorbers, set to get you over any surface.

Ridepro Suspension also has great options for mining spec and construction vehicles. For fleet servicing, get in contact with us. 


Still Having Trouble Deciding? 

If you are still having trouble trying to decide what sort of suspension you need or want, the best thing to do is to seek out a 4×4 professional. They are equipped with the best knowledge of what suspension is needed for what purpose, and the best way to install it to your vehicle. If you’re wanting a customised 4×4 fitout, see a professional!


Who Will Install Your Bull Bar  

If you need a suspension installation, Total 4×4 is the one-stop shop for all truck, passenger and 4WD accessories with over 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial. Not only do we have the best brands of suspension for you to pick and choose from, we also have the friendly team to put it on your vehicle. We have the products, we have the installers, come give us a visit!

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