Wagons Roll! How to Make Deliciously Easy Meals in a Camper Trailer

What’s better than a trip in your camper? Knowing that tasty, camper-cooked meals are coming up, prepared in your very own trailer, that’s what. Here’s how to do them.

OK, a camper trailer might be a little shorter on equipment than most household kitchens. There might not be the space, and you might find more competition for what space there is. But among all the trailer ideas for camping, cooking is right up there. 

Cooking while on holiday is part of the adventure. And can you cook inside a camper? You bet. With a bit of creativity and the right approach, you can produce meals on wheels that will make your trailer a chuck wagon, not a suck wagon. . 


What do you need to prepare food in a campervan?

Well, first of all, you need the right frame of mind. Your campervan kitchen might not have all the bells and whistles you’re used to in your own kitchen at home, but there are compensations. If you’re off the beaten track, just look at that view, for starters. In any case, your gang’s gotta eat, so less hankering for home and more grub-rustling. 

A need that’s often overlooked is the requirement for adequate prep space. If you end up cutting veg on your lap, you may end up trimming more than you intended. 

A pull-out or fold-out kitchen is a great boon in the best camper trailers, but if you don’t have one, don’t sweat it. You’ll get by with a sink, a basic hob and/or oven and a no-frills set of pots,  pans and utensils. A fridge would be cool, but it’s not a dealbreaker. You can get by with insulated cool bags if it’s a short trip. 


What are some quick and easy meals you can make?

What can you cook in an RV? Loads! There are multitudinous camping recipes available for the adventurous and not so adventurous cook. Take your choice from the following best meals for camping:

Break out the rolls

You can’t beat bacon and eggs and maybe a sausage, all stuffed together in a roll. One of the best quick easy meals to make in a camper trailer. That’s a breakfast of champions, right there. 

The great oatdoors

Porridge is a great example of what to cook on a stove when you’re camping. It’s simple to prepare, healthy and will fill everyone up and keep them that way for a super-long time. Top with fresh fruit, syrup and cream for a bit of decadence.

Amsterdam fine pizza

Who says you need to go all woodfired to have great pizza? Using the time-honoured technique of a Dutch oven (a very heavy cooking pot with lid that you heat from below and which acts as a conventional oven – ie it bakes what’s inside) you can get wonderful results. OK, this technique might get a Napoli pizza perfectionist’s mozzarella in a twist, but there’s nothing quite like the taste of pizza when cooked and enjoyed outside, so get stuck in! 

Rotterdam good potatoes

And while you’ve got your Dutch oven out, why not try this idea? It’s a surefire, easy-to-prepare and crowdpleasing meal, that basically cooks itself while you’re doing more exciting things. Pair your cheesy champs with a tasty bit of salad that you bought from the nice farmer that morning. Alternatively, wrap some potatoes up in foil and stick those scrumptious suckers in the fire. A bonza bonfire belter. 

Beans there, done that

Smokey baked beans are a camping classic. Chuck in a few sausages and you’re onto a winner. Sit back, spoon it in, and dream of all the fab gear you’re going to get that camper of yours.

A toast to the toastie

A toasted sandwich done in the frying pan is one of the best camping foods. Cheese and onion? Oh go on then. Make mine a double. 

Be a basmati pants

The best meal ideas for camping are often the most unusual. Rice paper rolls are where it’s at. They look amazing and they’re so simple it’s almost a cheat. Put in some sliced ham and tomato, roll them up and that’s that. Great for packed lunches and supremely tasty. 

Jambalaya it on me

Spice things up with this easy to make Cajun classic. Ideas for camping can come from wherever – this one’s all the way from the Louisiana swampland. 

Pasta pasta

If you’ve got a hob, you can cook up some pasta, which is one of the best ideas for camping meals. Make a tomato sauce with tinned tomatoes, herbs, garlic and (if you’ve got it) wine, and pour it over some chicken or some great veg like peppers and mushrooms. Whack it on the pasta, grate over some cheese and you’ve got la dolce vita on a plate. 

Can’t miss this out

You know what’s absolutely great when cooking in a camper trailer? Bar-B-Q, that’s what. It’s made for it. It’s one of the camping food ideas Australia is famous for. And those steaks will never have tasted so good. 

Yes I Mexi-can

Fajitas are everyone’s favourite, and it’s one of those meals everyone can help a little with, too. Somebody wants to fry up the sizzling chicken, onions and peppers? Somebody else is good with salad? Another person’s grate with cheese? Estupendo! Let me know when it’s ready. I’ll be in my tent. No tent? No worries – see a stockist

Bap happy

Burgers are a great quick and easy meals fallback. Make sure there’s a good stack of toppings and veggie burgers available for those who like a side order of ethics and everyone’ll be made up. Who needs a soulless corporation’s flat patties of multinational misery when you can make ‘em much tastier yourself?

Banana Appeal

Something to tempt the most ardent ascetic, this sweet treat is insanely good, and so easy to make. Slice a banana down the middle, chuck your favourite sweets inside, marshmallows on top then roast the ensemble over the bonfire. It’s so good it should be illegal. 

Banana oat pancakes

And for those who can’t get enough of bent fruit, here come one of those classics that can be eaten at any time of day, and they’re always good. Drizzle them with maple syrup or top them with jam. Or ice cream. Go bananas!


What are some important tips?

There are three big ones. 

  1. Think beforehand about what are the best food options during a camp and plan meals ahead so you’ve definitely got all the ingredients you need. You might not be able to pop down to the local supermarket. 
  2. Be bold! Holidays are about having fun and trying new things! Adventurous cooking is right up there with the best campervan ideas.
  3. Maybe be prepared to make some cheese sarnies if tip number 2 doesn’t work out so well. 


Where can you purchase your accessories for your campervan?

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