Get Down and Dirty on the Best 4WD Tracks in Tasmania

Let’s face it, when it comes to tassie, it’s pretty hard to deny the diverse landscapes, captivating scenery, amicable people and delectable cuisine on offer (amongst many other attractions).

As if there isn’t enough on offer, this pristine island state is also home to some of the most exciting 4wd tracks in the country and we’ve picked out the ‘top of the crop’ for your next 4wd off-road adventure around Tasmania.

Arthur Beach 4wd Track

The Arthur Beach 4wd track is situated on the west coast of Tasmania and spans a distance of 14km. It is rated a rather difficult track as there is plenty of soft sand to sink your wheels into and because of this, it is recommended that off-roaders travel in convoy with another vehicle for safety.

The actual track only takes about 30 minutes to complete, but there are many other recreational activities to get involved in such as hiking, surfing, fishing and horse riding.

Extend your 4wd off-road adventure around Tasmania and check into sundown creek campsite or one of the other camping spots dotted along the coast. 

*before attempting this track, drivers need to acquire an off-road permit from Arthur River.

East West 4×4 Trail – Wellington Park

If you’re looking for one of the thrilling 4wd tracks in Tasmania, this one is for you!

This trail begins in Montrose, makes its way over the wellington range and ends off in the Huon Valley, offering up incredible views over both the Derwent and Huon Valleys along the journey.

With a total distance of 20km and a completion time of around four hours, the east west trail 4wd adventure will leave you feeling more than satisfied. Drivers can expect to experience unpredictable weather and various terrains along the way, including some challenging climbs and descends on steep, rocky slopes; soft sandy patches in dry areas and unsuspecting muddy bogs on the wetter parts of the track.

*this track requires a permit and is recommended for experienced 4wd off-roaders only.

Southport Lagoon 4wd Off-Road Adventure

Situated close to Ida bay, Southport lagoon track offers up much excitement and various alternative adventures along the way. Although the track has a relatively short distance of 6km one way, it is quite slow and tricky in parts with some significant rockery and wet, muddy patches to get the adrenaline pumping.

Southport lagoon has various campsites and designated campfire spots, along with plenty of water activities such as kayaking, fishing, motorboating (no bigger than a small rubber dinghy) and swimming.

*this track is moderately difficult and high vehicle clearance is required. No permit is required to complete the trail.

Eaglehawk Neck Lookout 4wd Track

Some days are for the extreme, and other days an easy-going track is just what you need, and Eaglehawk neck lookout 4wd track in Tasmania does the trick. Situated in the heart of the Tasman national park, this track is a real attraction, especially during the summer months, and takes just 30 minutes to complete with a total distance of 8.5km.

If you’re looking to explore a bit more and extend your adventure, travel along the Tasman peninsula and scout out the various lookout points such as fossil bay, waterfall bay and devil’s kitchen for some of the most breathtaking views in Tasmania. If you can, spare a day and head down to port arthur and explore more than 30 historic buildings that shape this preserved convict site.

*this track requires no permit and is suitable for all levels of 4×4 driving experience.

Borradaile Plains 4wd Track

Borradaile plains is a beautiful location if you’re planning a 4wd off-road adventure around Tasmania. Situated in the state forest, about 170km north-west from Hobart, this track offers an idyllic landscape once you reach the plains which are set at over 850m above sea level. It isn’t the most challenging of tracks, however it is a pleasant drive and provides many an opportunity to snap some photos.

The complete track spans around 18kms and runs from the Lemonthyme power station through to bare hill road, with an approximate driving time of an hour.

*no permit is required for this track and is suitable for all 4wd, however, caution should be taken during the rainy season as there is often flooding on the track.

St Albans Bay 4wd Track

This track is an absolute treat for the avid 4×4 adventurers and it is strongly advised to tackle this one in groups. This 22km track consists of exquisite sand dunes across endless beaches spanning from Bridport to Bellingham and should take an hour or two to complete – you can make a whole day of it if you’d like some extra action on the sand dunes. The dunes are trying, and it is recommended you time your trip during low tide to avoid muddy sinkholes.

There are campsites along the track, should you wish to stop off for a barbeque or a picnic, however, there are no facilities so be sure to pack everything you need.

*no permit is needed for this 4wd adventure but be sure to travel in convoy and pack some recovery gear in case the dunes get the better of you.

Mt. Huxley 4wd Track

Bask in the unbeatable views of lake Burbury and the mountains that surround this challenging 4wd track in Tasmania. The track stretches over a distance of 16kms and offers a tricky terrain that is steep and rocky, especially towards the end of the 4×4 track.

During the dry season, the track should take you 2-3 hours to complete and offers a free campsite alongside the lake, perfect for a lunch break or even an overnight stay. It is recommended that the track be attempted in groups for safety reasons and all recovery gear should be on board.

*this track requires no permit but is not for the feint hearted, especially during the winter season, so all safety precautions should be taken.

Montezuma Falls 4wd Track

This has to be one of the most magnificent experiences in Tasmania. Situated deep within a typical Tasmanian rainforest, the wet terrain allows for plenty of excitement along the track. Montezuma falls is one of the most interesting 4wd tracks in Tasmania in that the track follows the old historic tram tracks, boasts a spectacular spray tunnel, yields plenty of river crossings and leads straight to the iconic 114m waterfall.

With a distance of over 50kms and a completion time of 4-6 hours, it is an ideal day trip – there are no campsites or facilities along the route so plan wisely.

*no permit is needed for the track but keep an eye on the weather as certain parts of the track may be closed.

Time to get started on planning your next 4wd off-road adventure around Tasmania.

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