8 4×4 Adventuring Youtube Channels Exploring the Great Outback

Get inspired, mod up your rigs, and get your checklists ready because it’s time to plan your next off-roading adventure.

Are you sitting there on your couch in self-isolation itching for a new adventure? It’s time to satisfy your hunger for the great outdoors with our top must-watch 4×4 and Aussie outback adventure Youtube channels.

1. 4WD Action

If you’re looking to plan your next trip but are in need of some inspiration, 4WD Action has you covered with some of the best off-road content that explores our beautiful nation.

The channel is regularly updated with fresh new content including 4×4 customs, tips and builds, product reviews and plenty of FREE full-length episodes showcasing the most epic driving footage from across Australia. 

Whether you’re a hardcore off-roader with a decked out rig, or a casual weekend warrior chasing their next challenge, there is plenty of content for people from all walks of life who have a passion for 4WDing, camping and embracing the great outdoors.


2. Australian 4×4 Adventures

For all LandCruiser 200 series owners and 4WD enthusiasts looking for info on the latest tech, no one does it better than Australian 4×4 Adventures. Get up close and personal with the latest 4×4 gear as host, Steven Clay, puts to the real test in one of Australia’s most rugged terrains in Victorian high country. Plenty of fresh content and he is more than happy to answer any questions you throw at him. 


Check out the channel here Australian 4×4 Adventures

3. Aussie Four Wheelers

Addicted to wheeling and the outdoors and pushing your vehicle to the limit?? Well you’ll want to give the guys over at Aussie Four Wheelers a sub. Watch them push their rigs right to the limit and beyond as they tackle various levels of tracks with new modifications and upgrades. 


Check out the channel here Aussie Four Wheelers

4. All 4 Adventure

For all your 4WDing off-roading action, boating, fishing, camping and more, watch Jase & Simon tackle some of the most remote corners and wildest frontiers of Australia as they push their fourbies to the limit.

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for adventure, the duo search for undiscovered regions of Australia to put their survival and driving skills to the test. 


Check out the channel here All 4 Adventure

5. Ronny Dahl

I’m sure you’ve heard of 4 Wheeling Australia, if you haven’t then you’re seriously missing out. Locals of the nanna state, the Perthian’s spend most of their time 4WDing, camping and exploring the great outdoors on their decked out rigs, and sometimes boats.

The channel has plenty of content on off-roading, touring, camping, overlands and just straight up adventuring across our beautiful country. If you’re planning your next trip, make sure to give these guys a sub.


Check out the channel here Ronny Dahl

6. Wild Touring

Tour Australia far and wide, get the best camping and fishing spots in WA, and relish in pure outback adventuring with Tiff and Cam, and the fam, as they battle our rugged terrain in their mighty Isuzu D-Max.

Whether it’s getting bogged in the muddy tracks at Harvey Dam, exploring WA’s beautiful coastline or cooking up a storm in the Cervantes, you’ll find everything you need for your next adventure here.


Check out the channel here Wild Touring

7. Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures

Mr 4×4, the man himself, is one of Australia’s leading four wheel drive experts. Follow Pat through his adventures all of Australia, as he tackles the toughest of terrains from Victorian High Country, to Cape York, to The Kimberley and The Pilbara.

If there’s an off-road destination you’re thinking of, Pat’s probably been there before in his trusty Nissan Patrol. He’ll show you the best places to go as well as how to get there safely, and without destroying the natural beauty of our great nation.


Check out the channel here Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures

8. AllOffroad 4×4 Adventures TV

Have a passion for adventure and exploration? Live life to the fullest and unlock your wildest off-roading, camping and adventuring dreams with AllOffroad 4×4 Adventures TV as the team takes you to the most remote and beautiful locations in Australia.

As they say, “allow us to help you unlock the potential that you and your 4WD possess to explore, to have adventure and to live. Allow us to take you there and bring you back.”

Everything from tackling insane off-road tracks, exploring super remote destinations, to gearing up your 4×4 with the essentials and surviving the harshest of environments.


Check out the channel here AllOffroad 4×4 Adventures TV

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