10 of WA’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

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Western Australia is the place to be with its exciting trails and terrific views, calling adventurers worldwide. Adventure awaits, so get your 4WD ready and head to the most enticing track today.

Which state in Australia has the best MTB trails? Where does the Munda Biddi trail end? Is Australia good for MTB? Where is the best place to mountain bike?

Let us guide you through the best mountain biking trails in Western Australia.


The Best Mountain Biking Trails in WA

Western Australia, the epicentre for mountain biking, boasts phenomenal trails to explore even within a few hours of Perth. In fact, the Perth bike trails are among the best in the country! In mountain biking (MTB), WA is known for its diverse tracks and events. Mountain bike trails in WA are simply of another calibre.

Racing series like the Western Australian Gravity Enduro have more participants now than any other mountain bike series in Australia. Events like the South West’s Cape to Cape, the most prominent mountain bike event in Australia, attract competitors from across the globe who aim to conquer the WA mountains and mountain bike trails in Perth and surrounds. 

With trails like the Wadandi track and the Goat Farm, WA boasts many mountain bike trails from which to choose. Here are ten other trails to consider.


1. Compartment 10, Margaret River

This old favourite is ideal for beginners and adored by all ages as it’s located within the Wooditjup National Park. Cruise underneath the giant trees, cross the river and climb up to the plantation to race downhill once again. There are many trails in this compact network, catering to various tastes.

2. Kalamunda Trails, WA

The Kalamunda trail network is the most popular in WA, suitable for beginner to intermediate skill levels. Parking at the Kalamunda Camel Farm gives you access to a skills loop with structures to teach beginners how to tackle more advanced obstacles. Kalamunda consists of nearly 50km of signed single-track, an ideal destination for the whole family! The Scorpion trail, with its famous wooden sleeper berms, is a favourite among more advanced riders.


3. Marrinup, Dwellingup

This loop trail near the town of Dwellingup is a cross-country breeze mixed with some fun log rides off the side to amp up the fun factor. Camp next to the trail for a holistic adventure in Western Australia and take it easy — this trail is perfect for beginners!


4. Linga Longa Bike Park, Balingup

For the professionals among us, Linga Longa Bike Park in Balingup is home to the most challenging trails in WA. Full-face helmets are a prerequisite, as there are many jumps and obstacles to help develop your skills. Luckily, the famous progression park allows you to face challenges at your own pace.


5. Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow

With the car park overlooking the lake, a lovely spot of grass and barbecues provided, Lake Leschenaultia makes for a great day outdoors in the summer. The trail network is approachable for all ages, with only two trails heading up the slope away from the lake. At the top, you have six choices of routes to descend. All the trails in the network add up to 12km, making it a peaceful, fun-filled location. Why not cool off in the lake after your ride?


6. Murray Valley, Dwellingup

Murray Valley is the spot on everyone’s lips. Year 1 is an excellent trail to warm you up, while Blue Marron and Inzamia will test your courage…and brakes! More aggressive than most bike trails, Murray Valley requires riders to wear additional padding and allows for a swim post-ride to wash off the dust.


7. Meelup and Dunsborough Country Club, Dunsborough

These two networks join, allowing the informed rider an exciting selection of cross-country trails around the golf course or the more challenging trails inside the Meelup Reserve. Many jumps and technical structures inside the Meelup network beckon intermediate to advanced riders across the country.


8. Chapman River, Geraldton

This trail best suits intermediate cross-country bikers with a mix of limestone and fine soil. The pump track, jump track and skills area are ideal for those wishing to fine-tune  their skills, while the cross-country loop on the side of Chapman River satisfies the more advanced rider. The loop spans 10km with sections of rocky outcrops to spice things up. 


9. Pemberton

Around the Pemberton Pool, a beloved local swimming spot lies a network of mountain biking trails descending fast down a steep hill. But don’t worry, the Longshanks and Drop Bear trails are gentler than the Relentless Blue with its wooden banked corners, which makes Pemberton the ideal location for riders of all skill levels!


10. Karratha

Located in the hills behind the township of Karratha, this complex network of trails boasts wide open spaces that have become a giant playground for local mountain bikers. In the summer, you’ll need to go early and bring litres upon litres of water to beat the heat, but in the winter, Karratha becomes the trail of your dreams. 


Bonus Trail: Munda Biddi

The Munda Biddi Trail is one of National Geographic’s top ten cycle routes, stretching 1000km from Mundaring to Albany. Accessible from multiple points by 4WD, you can drop in for a short section or undertake the whole thing. Many businesses along the route are cycle friendly, coming to your aid with food, drink and a place to rest. The trail is suitable for beginners, and its beautiful scenery will leave visitors in awe.


An Off-Roading Adventure Awaits

Besides a good mountain bike, you’ll also need a reliable vehicle to transport you and your bike to and from these beautiful destinations. So, how do you prepare your vehicle for an off-road mountain biking adventure?


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Your Adventure

If you’re going to visit a few MTB trails, you have to make sure your 4WD is off-road ready with these fit-outs:


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